multiNotifier is a FREE extension for Google's browser Chrome. You can configure multiple GmailTM accounts in this extension. Once configured, this extension will notify the user about the unread mesages in each of those accounts. User can also login to the account easily with a single click!

1. No need to keep the account logged in.
2. Shows unread message count for multiple Gmail accounts
3. Ability to show a quick preview of unread emails with QuickView
4. Ability to show Desktop Notifications for multiple Gmail accounts
5. Auto-Login for single click access to any of the configured Gmail accounts
6. Sound notification - Plays a sound when email arrives.
7. User can change the update frequency of notification checks and set the duration after which the notifications will automatically close.

User does not have to be logged in for the notification system to work. This extension relies on the Google's unread email feed mechanism to fetch the necessary information. Because of this, if the user logs in to one of those accounts, that account has to be logged out for the notification for the other accounts to work.