How to setup nested labels in multiNotifier

Imagine that you have you labels configured in your Gmail inbox as shown below.

            Folder 3

This means that 'Folder 3' lies within 'Folder2' which lies below 'Folder' label/folder.

In such case, if you want to get email notifications for sub folders, you should provide the folder name with a hifen symbol ("-") in between the label/folder names.

So, for Folder 3, provide: Folder1-Folder2-Folder 3
for Folder2, provide Folder-Folder2

Once this is specified in the Label field, in the option page of multiNotifier, it will be able to retieve and display notifications accodrdintly.

Note: Even though internal/System labels (Example: Important) can be configured in multiNotifier and the emails can be displayed using QuickView, it cannot retrieve and show the unread counts from these labels. Thus, the desktop notifications will NOT work with these labels.