1. Small warning icon shows up near to my account name, in the notifier. Why?
a) The most probable cause for this is that you are logged in to any other Gmail accounts. multiNotifier cannot communicate to Gmail and fetch email information from a specified account, if you are logged in to any other account. To make sure that you logout from any logged in accounts, click the below link.
b) Other chance is that the login details are incorrect. Try logging in to Gmail with the specified account credentials.
c) For some domains name (Ex: .edu), especially in some countries, multiNotifier cannot work. Sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this.
d) The next probability is that multiNotifier is having technical difficulties in collecting unread information. Contact us at any of the below links provided at the bottom of this page.

2. Unread email feeds are not loading up correctly. Why?
This can happen due to the same reasons as mentioned above. Please refer the above item.

3. Unread email notifications are are not working correctly for labels, Why?
For system/internal labels, multiNotifier cannot display notifications, since Gmail will not allow extensions to retrieve unread email count. The emails can be seen using QuickView, though. If you are having trouble related to nested labels, see here how to set that up.

4. multiNotifier suddenly stopped working. Why?
multiNotifier is tightly dependent on the Google's architecture for unread email information. Google or Chrome might have changed something because of which it has stopped working. We will be fixing those issues as we constantly look for them and update the extension.Please be patient.

5. How secure is my password?
multiNotifier uses a concept named web storage (local storage) as mentioned here to store the configuration data. This means that the configuration data is stored in your local computer. Passwords are stored along with this data encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption. Technically, local storage is accessible only by the extension and this is a part of browser security. If someone gets hold of your PC, there is a chance that he can change the extension's code to retrieve your password, just like any other data in your PC. 

For any other concerns or feedback, contact us using any of the options below.